Hello! I am a design researcher based in London, UK, with over 5 years experience helping businesses shape products, services and propositions. 

I use qualitative research methodologies to unearth insight about human behaviour.



I love my job because it allows me to change people's life for better, designing meaningful experiences with a positive impact and constantly learning about different ways of doing things or processing information.

I am passionate about finding out curious and/or unknown things about people interacting with designed things. Mine is the role of a facilitator - I observe and engage in conversations with your users to build a full picture of their challenges, motivations, desires and frustrations.

Through my work, I foster collaboration between client teams, internal teams and customers to ensure that everyone is inspired and guided by the insight when developing human-centered solutions.
My approach is iterative: I have experience working on MVPs from discovery to delivery, including initial concepts, working prototypes and fully designed experiences.

London sketch